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    Server Rules List


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    Server Rules List Empty Server Rules List

    Post  Kingspiral on Sat Mar 03, 2012 6:00 am

    Here is a list of our current server rules:

    1- You must not hack, or use any clients that gain an unfair advantage towards other players

    2- You must not abuse any game mechanics, or attempt to grief the spawn

    3- You must respect all staff, no matter what rank they have

    4- You must respect all players, no matter what they have done

    5- You must report all rulebreakers using the /report command. If the reported player is proven guilty, you may even get a
    small reward coming your way

    6- You must not whine, or complain, if your base or house gets griefed or raided

    7- You must not spam the chat, and try to keep your messages clean

    8- You must not be offensive to another player because of their skin/hair/eye colour, voice, or sexuality, we are all
    human beings inside.

    IMPORTANT: Mods and admins CANNOT use the /tp command, so if you get killed by them, dont say they abused their powers, if
    you read the commands forum post, you will see that lower staff members have exactly the same commands as you.

    If you feel one of these rules should be taken down from this list, please feel free to say. If you have any suggestions for future rules, please feel free to say.

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